Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Perfect Day at Chudleigh's Apple Farm

I woke up early (too early, actually) this morning and headed over to my Terry Fox Run location. After some group stretching we headed out on the course for the 10 k. There was also a 5 k course and it was kind of confusing when we came to the turn off for the 5 k. The whole run, being a community event, wasn't very well marked in terms of where to turn, etc so I had to keep pace with at least one other person who looked like they knew where they were going. The course was uphill, downhill, across busy streets, and through beautiful shaded paths. It was a nice run, all in all, until I hit that 9th km.
For at least 500 m.
Or it felt like it was uphill for much longer than it should have been!
Hills are not what you want to see when you've been running for the better part of an hour and can't wait to see the finish line.
Hills or not, it was a perfect day for an early morning run and I hope we get similar conditions next Sunday for the half marathon.
My mom and sister came out to the finish to cheer me on and snap some flattering pictures:

"You looked like a beautiful and sweaty gazelle." - My mom.
It makes me feel like I can run another full race when I see your face in the crowd mom :) Thanks for coming out for the last 3 races!
Please be ready to piggy-back me home next Sunday. Or hire a big goon to drag me off the streets of Toronto.
After breakfast and a shower I got together with some friends and headed out to Chudleigh's Apple Farm!
We were supposed to go yesterday but thank goodness we waited until today! The weather was amazing and the apple's were ripe for the picking.

I like my friends because even when I'm the 5th wheel they never make me feel that way :)

Hay ride passed the revered Honeycrisp apples (tasty and humongous!)

Late summer sunlight through the apple trees.

Corn roast!
How could we pass it up?

Probably the best corn I've had in awhile.
Slathered with butter and sprinkled with a hint of salt, it was well worth the line up and the $2.36.

I also bought a bag of apples (gala, honeycrisp, macintosh, spartan, and kerr - which may be the CUTEST apples I've ever seen. They look like plums on the trees) and a jug of apple cider for John who's been working all weekend.

I think tomorrow I'm going to experiment with an apple loaf-bread.....
it could be disasterous or it could be amazing.
One week until the half marathon!
Very excited and very very nervous......


  1. Glad you had a great time at the Farm! Chudleigh's is holding an Apple Pie Baking competition on Oct 2 at the farm. If you're interested in more info or entering email us

  2. I laughed SO VERY HARD at the comment your mom made! SO FUNNY!
    PS. You're going to do great with the half!