Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year!

May the best of 2010 be the worst of 2011

2010 was a full year of fun, family, and happiness.
Two of my good friends made a lifetime commitment to one another and we all got to go to Jamaica to celebrate.
Then they bought a new house!
My cousin and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.
My cousin and his wife celebrated the first birthday of their gorgeous baby girl.
My sister fulfilled a dream to travel and experience life half-way around the world.
I turned 25 (shudder) and crossed a few more items off my Life To-Do list (half marathon!).
John graduated with a Masters degree.
My best friend's boyfriend put a ring on it.

Yep, 2010 was a good year and I'm sad to see it end.
Here's hoping 2011 is filled with the same (and more) happiness and more adventures!

Happy New Year!!!

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