Friday, August 17, 2012

Restaurant Review: Amaya Bread Bar

On Friday night John took me out for my birthday dinner to a spot I've been wanting to check out for over a year now: Amaya. It's a self described 'neo-Indian' bread bar. 
I was not disappointed and even John, who is not the biggest fan of Indian food, really enjoyed our meal. 

So, here's what we ordered! 

We started with the Mixed Grill for Two which consisted of  chicken tikka, beef kebabs, and tandoori prawns ($15.95) 

was delicious. Even the prawns were very good and I am not the biggest seafood fan.

Our main course consisted of butter chicken ($14.95), Alooo Gobi ($10.95) which is curried cauliflower and potatoes with cilantro, and sides of garlic naan bread ($3.95 for 4 pieces) and the jewelled basmati rice ($3.45)  

Everything got piled up on my plate and I went in for a big second helping.

I would highly recommend this restaurant. The food was delicious, the space is small and intimate, and the service was fantastic - we even got a starter on the house!
Make sure to make reservations, though, as the restaurant doesn't open until 4 and the kitchen closes at 9:30 pm. And the space is small so tables go quick!

The food was so good, in fact, that while at Yorkdale with my parents on Sunday we decided to check out the new food court and where did we end up eating?

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