Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Pictures!

I'm married!
Friday was hands down the best day of my life to date.
Everything was better than I imagined and went off without a hitch.
Even the weather was beautiful, if not a little too hot, but we even had the most incredible sunset during dinner.
John and I rented a car (a Chevy Impawlahh cause it sounds more gangsta), packed it to the gills, then set out for Niagara.
Not before we spent about an hour in a park cutting Queen Anne's Lace, I should admit.
Free flowers. I make no apologies.
Thursday night we met up with most of the guests in our parties.
We headed out to a pub for a big meal of  ribs, onion rings, burgers, and nachos.
We ran through a very confusing rehearsal in my parent's hotel suite then packaged up the s'mores favours for the next day.
Here are the ladies and I in our favour assembly line.
The next morning we got our hair and makeup done and tried to stay calm without crying.
Meanwhile the boys and my mother- and father-in-law were busy setting up the cootie-catcher programa (pinned on the bows on each chair but unfortunately missed by most of the guets) and stringing tuille across the fence and gazebo.

Both of my parents walked me down the aisle.
We came down between rows of grapes.
I had already cried about 3 times before this moment.


Then John and I got married!
We exchanged our own vows and then some of the more standard ones.
I promise to post the vows next week as requested, since they weren't heard by everyone.


I mentioned it before, but here's proof of the incedible sunset we had.

I cannot thank my beautiful bridesmaids enough - they were such big helps and I love them all to death.
And here are a few pics my new big sister took of me getting ready.
She has an incredible eye for shots and these are so beautiful I forget that it's me I'm looking at.

P.S. A shot from Andrea of the table and the favours!

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