Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time for a Change

When I was living with my parents - once we'd moved into our house and I had my own room - I used to redecorate and move furniture around at least once every 18 months or so.
I think it's healthy to change things around, clean out the clutter that's accumulated and start anew.
I've been living in my apartment now for 4 1/2 years and not once has anything really changed. Sure we got a new shelf here and there, we did buy a wardrobe because the closet became too small (I selfishly took it over) some new pictures to hang up, we cleaned out our closets and shelves a few times, but apart from that everything has been more or less untouched for almost 5 years.
I've been itching to change things around for a long long time. I've wanted to paint the place since we moved in but we've never gotten around to it.
I know John isn't such a huge fan of change (as indicated by the desire to not paint or really switch up furniture, also he said as much yesterday) but I figured it was time to stop talking about it and hoping he'd get on board and just go for it.
I moved a bookshelf out of our bedroom and into the living area where it actually works quite nicely.
That gave us some extra space in our oh-so-cluttered bedroom. I uncramped a corner and pulled the bed out into the centre of the room so that John has room on his side of the bed to open his wardrobe, walk, etc.
Then I went to ikea.
I'd been eyeing a few items for awhile and I finally put my mastercard to work.
Here's what I bought:
 A Hemnes bedframe in black-brown.
2 new matching Hemnes sidetables, also in black-brown.
Next on the list is the 8 drawer Hemnes chest, seen below.
Also a flat screen TV for the bedroom so we can get rid of the state of the art TV with built in VCR that currently occupies space on our dressers.

I started to assemble the side tables as soon as I got home so tomorrow will be spent finishing them and starting on the bedframe!
Then out for some Korean food with a friend.
Hurray for change!

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