Friday, January 24, 2014

Card Making 101

About a week ago I got together with 2 of my friends for a craft night, complete with pizza & wine.
Note: for those of you who are gluten intolerant, as both of these friends are, Magic Oven makes a mean gluten free pizza. It's pricey but the crunchiness of the dough is kind of a nice difference from the usually softer dough.

Anyway, after spending a good deal of time at Michael's perusing the aisles for craft supplies, we decided we would make cards and we picked up our necessities.

We bought card stock cards that were pre-perforated for folding in half, stencils, fancier print card stock, a bunch of stick on letters in various fonts, and ribbon and stickers for different occasions.

Even if you go in without a real idea of what you want to make, you can pick up what you need to make some really great cards.

I made 6: 2 Wedding cards, including my favourite which I'll show you below, 2 cards for expectant parents, a thank you card, and a valentine's day card for John (with one in the works for my mom).

My favourite is this one, for my cousin who is getting married in April.
I borrowed heavy inspiration from similar cards that I've seen.
All you need is some ribbon and to cut triangles out of other card stock you have.

It's cheaper in the long run AND way more fun to make your own cards.
I'm giving my sister, who has been the champion of homemade cards for years now, a run for her money.

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