Thursday, January 23, 2014

Adventures in Knitting: How to Knit a Beard

This year, much like last year, I won't be celebrating Valentine's Day with John.
Last year we were in a jeep on the Serengeti, chasing down lions and leopards and zebras (oh my).
And that was exciting enough.
This year John is off to climb Mt Washington so my valentine will be my mom because I secured her once I found out I'd need one and she gives awesome presents.
I'm anticipating quite a bit of chocolate.

But back to the point of the post.
I knit John a hat for his cold adventure as his valentine present.
I also thought it would be funny to knit him a face warmer to go with it.
So, inspired by a hat I saw one year at the family Country Christmas gift exchange, I did.

And you can too! 

Using 4 mm needles and your choice of material, cast on 36 stitches.
Knit 4 rows.
On row 5 knit 13 stitches, cast off 10, then knit the remaining 13 stitches.
(To make the mouth a bit wider I'd be tempted to add in a row here where you knit 12, cast off 2, then knit the remaining 12. I may try this next time)
Row 6 work back 13 stitches, cast on 10 stitches, then finish the row.
Continue knitting until the beard reaches the bottom of your chin.
Knit 2 together at the end of every row until you're left with 14 stitches.
Cast off.

Separately, knit two strands to connect the beard to a hat. Otherwise purchase some elastic thread and connect it to the beard so that it can be hooked around your ears.
How? I don't know. I haven't found elastic thread yet.

There's still one more surprise to the hat - John if you're reading this, stop now.


I put on a patch that we bought in Tanzania of Mt Kilimanjaro and another patch that I ordered online of Mt Washington. 
The patches commemorate his summits AND hide the ugly back part of the hat so... 


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