Friday, January 17, 2014

Easy (but somewhat impractical) No-Sew Pillow Covers

This week, during my time off, I attempted to undertake some projects.

One of which was some no-sew pillow covers that I'd seen on (where else?) Pinterest.
I bought fabric at Ikea several months ago but never did anything with it.
After digging it out of our storage bench I decided to use it to spruce up some of our pillows to match them to other map styled pillows we had purchased awhile back.

Step 1: Cut the fabric so you have enough to cover the pillow when folded and enough fabric on the sides to tie the ends together.

Step 2: Place the pillow in the centre and fold the fabric over the pillow.

Step 3: Have your dog/cat/child/other household pest help.
Start step 2 over again.

Step 4: Fold the long ends in as if you were wrapping a gift.

Step 5: Tie the ends together, tucking the loose ends under to create a clean knot.

That's it!
I've seen recommendations to add a few stitches here to keep the knot from coming undone and I'd recommend that also. This no-sew idea is good for decorative pillows but not for pillows you plan to actually use (we use almost all of the pillows in our apartment. We're very cuddle-focused). 
So my next plan is to borrow my mom's sewing machine, learn to use it properly, and sew a whole slew of new pillow covers.
I went back to Ikea and grabbed more fabric for this future project.

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