Friday, January 10, 2014

The Happy List: January Edition

I'm right in the middle of my week of nights (I even took an extra night shift to make my bank account happier). The weather has been so cold lately, so cold that Wednesday's -22 (before the windchill) made me say "oh thank goodness it's warmed up!" this is a week where I could use some reminding of all the things that I'm happy for.
My Happy List.
While John & Reese were away for New Years, I got to spend some quality snuggle time with Murray.
I'm happy to have this scoundrel.
With the weather having recently been indicative of an impending ice age, I'll admit that I've regretted our decision to care for an animal that doesn't do her business in a box of litter.
Putting on 8 layers and trekking outside in -40 degree temperatures was the last thing I wanted to do.
But we ran around and chased each other and chased after sticks until our toes/paws were too cold and then we went back inside to warm up.
With the weather improving, I'm enjoying our long park walks again.
And I'm enjoying our post adventure cuddles even more.
I'm happy to have Reese.
And I'm happy that the temperature is supposed to be +4 on Saturday!

As tired as working nights can make me, I'm happy for my job.
I'm even more happy when I stumble across hilariously appropriate comics.
I found this one on my lunch break during a shift where I was mentally preparing myself to start chest compressions on a declining patient who was (at that time) a full code (meaning CPR & the works). I was happy to laugh off a bit of the stress.

*For those of you unfamiliar with CPR please (please) know that this is a joke and not actually what happens when you perform CPR. Just a (hopefully unnecessary) disclaimer.
I'm happy that I've started work on my Hopes & Dreams for 2014.
I registered myself in a French class!
Three hours once a week til mid April I believe.
Here's hoping I didn't get a bit too big for my britches enrolling in the intermediate class instead of the beginner class.
I'm happy that I found a new TV show to binge watch - Scandal.
It's good.
I'm also happy that The Mindy Project is back because I love me some Mindy Kaling and I loooove Chris Messina (have you seen his Aaliyah dance? Youtube it. You won't be disappointed).
I'm happy that when I go home in the morning I'm going to jump into my warm bed and fall asleep for a few hours.
I'm happy that when this week of night shifts is done, Monday night I'm going to fall asleep curled up beside my husband.
And sleep for probably 13 hours.

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