Friday, March 14, 2014

100 Happy Days: week two

Continuing on with the 100 Happy Days project, I present to you week 2: Days 8-14

Day 8: Friday.
My happy thing was bedhead. 
Long hair doesn't suit the messy look (on me anyway) but my shorter 'do - the messier the better. 
After a nice sleep in and a long dog walk, my hair looked disheveled in the best way possible.
I'm rarely happy with my hair so this made me happy enough to take a goofy mirror selfie.

Day 9: Saturday
While I hate working nights on the weekend, I also love it. Here's why.
John is home.
Not only do I get to crawl into bed beside him for a some early morning snuggles, but he takes care of the pup for the day so I always sleep way longer and way better than I do when I try to sleep post weekday night shifts. 
On Saturday morning I woke up at around 4pm (that's almost a solid 8 hrs which is rare) and had a lazy few hours before I had to return to work. 
We watched some Twin Peaks (simultaneously great and weird as hell) and I got Reese to cuddle up in my nest*

*One's 'nest' is the area in the crook of one's knees where someone else can curl up in. It is akin to a bird's nest where the babies can rest. I credit my mother with coining this term. For a visual representation see above.

Day 10: Sunday
Two night shifts down, two to go. 
While scouring my apartment for food (at this point I thought we were waiting to see what weird creations we could create with the random food items we had before we caved and went grocery shopping), I came across a container of snacks that I had put on the top of the fridge. Among them were granola bars, All Bran bars, Special K cereal bars, peach & yogurt cookies, and a box of Girl Guide cookies.
It was as if the heavens had opened up and shone a light on this container.
After enjoying a few of the minty chocolate delicacies, I decided I would take the rest of the box to work with me to share with my co-workers because nurses like food.
Also, this was a convenient excuse for me to say, "I'll share them so I don't end up eating the whole box" and then eat the whole box on my 12 hour night shift.  

Day 11: Monday.
6 degrees.
I felt as though Spring was hinting at it's arrival after such a long, harsh winter.
Looking at the forecast showed we were due for another cold snap but this one day reprieve was enough to brighten my spirits after feeling just so bleepin' done with winter.
I'm a summer child in my bones.
Our walk through the park was a long one, sans hat & mittens for me and sans jacket for the pooch.
I can't wait for spring.

Day 12: Tuesday.
I got home from work around 8 am and rather than climb into bed, I decided I would nap on the couch amongst the hundreds of pillows. I often do this after my last night shift so that I only nap and not sleep in the hopes of falling asleep early and getting a decent sleep that night.
There are several things my pup really loves.
These include squirrels, the cat, anything anyone is eating, and items in the recycling bin.
Without fail she will take everything out of the recycling bin and leave a trail behind her.
When I woke up she had clearly found the best item: the Betty Crocker cake mix box.
Like mother like daughter.

Day 13: Wednesday.
Snow storm.
I watched it come down from 7 am when I arrived at work til 7 pm when I left work.
At times the wind was blowing so hard it seemed it was snowing sideways.
I thought I woke up from my nap on Tuesday feeling not so great, but I woke up this morning feeling even worse.
This cold has hooked it's claws into me. My nose is stuffed and runny, my head is congested and under so much pressure, and I'm constantly clearing my throat and swallowing to ease my sore throat.
After a long 12 hour workday, my happiest happiest moment was climbing into bed early to watch Parks & Rec with John.
And promptly falling asleep.

 Day 14: Thursday.
Sick sick sick.
I slept in til 10 am but then real life reared it's ugly head and I had to go to work.
In hindsight I should have called in sick first thing in the morning but I thought as the morning progressed that I would feel better.
Not so much unfortunately.
I did put myself down as sick for tomorrow though so I have a lovely 3 day weekend coming up.
During my lazy morning, before work, I watched some Netflix and cozied up with my friends kleenex, sinus medication, and tea with lemon & honey.
I also finally caught the full finale of the Bachelor.... what a doozy.
That guy is the worst.

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