Monday, March 3, 2014

Lent: the challenge of giving things up

I'm not a religious person but every year I feel the temptation to try and give something up for lent.
Usually it's chocolate or pop or junk food ... and usually the attempt fails.
Because let's be serious, 40 days is a long time (46 actually but Sundays are essentially cheat days according to

Tomorrow is Mardi Gras (we had pancakes for breakfast today so... early celebrations?) and Wednesday is the start of Lent.

Since giving up anything food related would be in direct contradiction to my 2014 goal to not give up foods or diet, I have decided to embark on a much more challenging Lent challenge:

No selfish spending.


With the exception of bills and life necessities like groceries (maybe the odd bottle of wine... unless I can convince people to buy them for me...), I am going to try not to spend any money.

This stems from my recent calculation of how much money I made in 2013... and how much I have to show for it.
I doubled (and then some) the amount I made in 2012 and yet.... 

I suppose I do have a bit in savings and in a TFSA but not enough.

So this challenge is the start of a longer challenge in which I stop spending frivolously and bulk up my savings so that owning a house is a closer reality.

It's going to be a tough 40/46 days (we'll see if I can avoid the Sundays but maybe I'll give myself a $25 limit on Sundays if I'm struggling) without going out for dinner/food/drinks, no new clothes, etc.

Anyone else giving something up for lent?

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