Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week Three

Week three is up!
Days 15-21 of 100 Happy Days.

Day 15: Friday.
Sick day.
A lovely day spent being lazy and watching Workaholics.
Friday night we brought our pup over to a friend's house for some Cranium and a doggie date. It was a great sick day.

Day 16: Saturday.
We slept in and John made me pancakes.
Then we got in the car and drove to Peterborough to see some friends that we haven't seen in awhile (also another doggie play date). They live on a lake so their property was gorgeous.
We spent the evening drinking wine and playing numerous board games. One of my favourites was this game called Doodle Dice... go find it. 

Day 17: Sunday.
After another lovely sleep in we woke up and decided to take the dog for a stroll across the frozen lake.
So absolutely beautiful. Even though there was a chill in the air, there was a warmth to the sun that felt like Spring wasn't too far off. 
Happiness was these two.

Day 18: Monday.
After a lovely weekend, Monday was a total 180. 
I knew there would be days where being happy would be a struggle and day 18 was the first.
I was frustrated and disappointed and angry and sad and a whole slew of other emotions.
It was hard to find anything to be happy about. 
When I finally got home from work I had a good cry and tried to move on from it. 
The pup had also cut her foot at the park and John had bandaged it up for her.
As hard as it was to find something to be happy about it that day, this little face with her wounded paw made me melt a bit. 

Day 19: Tuesday.
Still not feeling quite myself, I did a lot of thinking on my walk through the park with the pup and decided I felt better. 
I also decided I should get back to journaling as I did it a lot in my teens and found it to be a great way to keep track of thoughts and feelings, and it's the sometimes the best form of therapy.
You can vent out all of your problems without having to subject someone to your rambling. 
My mom had given me this notebook I think for Valentine's Day so I opened it up and started writing.
It's amazing how much less serious your problems seem sometimes once you've gotten them out of your head.

Day 20: Wednesday.
My only day off this week after picking up an extra shift on Thursday (then working straight through til Tuesday. Next Wednesday - come sooner!). It was a lazy one.
I had bought this t-shirt for John for Valentine's Day but it shrunk in the wash (it was already a more fitted shirt to begin with too) so he gave it to me. 
If you don't get the reference I'll direct you to the wonderful TV show Portlandia. 

Day 21: Thursday.
On my way home from work I picked up some items for dinner, including a bottle of wine, and then broke my Lent challenge.
I bought myself some new nail polish, specifically a matte top coat that I've been lusting after for awhile. 
I plan to make my nails matte black tonight. I've already done my toes (matte red) and I love it. 
It was a small purchase and I needed the pick me up so I don't feel bad at all about breaking my self imposed challenge of no spending.
In fact, I feel quite happy about it. 

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