Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Happy List Redux: The 100 Happy Days Challenge

I didn't do a Happy List for February because I want to put a different spin on it for a little while.

For 100 days to be exact.
Inspired by friends & family on Instagram, I'm going to start the 100 Happy Days challenge.
I can guarantee that I won't be happy all day for 100 days but if this helps me find things to be happy about on those days when things don't feel like they're going my way then the challenge will have worked.

Want to join in?

Go to the 100 Happy Days website for the official instructions (it's not overly complicated, basically just don't use this challenge to make people jealous of your fabulous life).
Then upload your pictures to Instagram or twitter or Facebook using the #100happydays hashtag.
Or do what I plan to do: a weekly round-up of the things that have made me happy each day of the week. 
Fridays will be my round-up day and I'll post my happy things here.
Feel free to send me your happy things for inspiration or if you just want to share them.

100 Happy Days starts now!

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