Friday, April 11, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 6

Week 6 already!
I feel like Fridays come around very quickly. 
Hard to believe week 6 is over and week 7 is beginning. I'll be half way through in only a few short days.
Day 36: Friday.
We drove to Ottawa to celebrate my cousin's wedding. We arrived late on Friday night but stayed up to chat and have a little party in my parent's hotel room. Luckily my mom never goes anywhere unprepared: cheese & crackers, grapes, chocolate chip cookies, and party mix (plus wine).

Day 37: Saturday.
The wedding. What a fantastic night. It was amazing to spend time with my family and to get this wonderful group shot of almost everyone.

Day 38: Sunday.
After a relatively easy drive back home, I had a little bit of time to kill before I went into work for a night shift. This giant pickle made that time much more relaxing.

Day 39: Monday.
My dad's birthday. My sister and I took him to pick out a bicycle and for lunch, then in the evening we celebrated with the Guinness cake (which has gotten rave reviews from everyone who's tried it). A happy day with a wonderful guy! 

Day 40: Tuesday.
Out for a walk in lovely weather with the pooch when I was finally able to capture her holding a distinguished point (she's a pointer so she does this quite often but rarely long enough for me to grab and unlock my phone).

Day 41: Wednesday.
After a long day at work (where I fell asleep on my evening break - oops!) there is nothing quite like a glass of wine on the couch.

Day 42: Thursday.
You may recall last week I posted a picture of her finally walking in the water. Well this week she went right in! Short of actually swimming, this is the deepest she's gone and she's gotten way more comfortable in the water. I'm so proud of my little pooch! Plus it was 18 degrees and sunny with a beautiful breeze so... it was hard not to be happy.

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