Saturday, April 26, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 8

Week 8 over already!
My apologies for posting late - I couldn't get the computer to connect to the internet yesterday to finish editing pictures and to post it... 
then today I realized I was turning off & on John's external hard-drive and not, in fact, the modem. 

Day 50: Friday.
The half way point! John and I went out for dinner & a movie - to Milestone's and then to see The Grand Budapest Hotel (which is fantastic). A much needed and lovely date night.

Day 51: Saturday.
We went over to my parents' house for an Easter celebration with turkey and all the fixings. Plus loaded goody bags from my mom - I mean the Easter Bunny. It was lovely as always.

Day 52: Sunday.
I worked all day then made my way to John's family's Easter celebration. John was kind enough to save me a plate so I could feast when I arrived. I came home knowing I got to sleep in the next day and couldn't help but want to snuggle in with this big bug.

Day 53: Monday.
I'm in the process of getting back in shape. John and I took the dog for a run through the park on Saturday and it was the first run I've been on in I don't know how many years where I didn't time it or track it in any way. It was just a no-obligations jog. I did have to stop a few times as the trail is very hilly and I'm out of practice, having been on exactly 4 runs so far in 2014. I went back out on Monday to redo the route and finished it without stopping. I even ran back up the awful hill at the end. It was a slow, slow 5 k run but the weather was gorgeous and it felt good to get back into it.

Day 54: Tuesday
Is there anything more refreshing?

Day 55: Wednesday
I had tested out a new recipe the night before so I brought the leftovers with me to work. It was nice to bring healthy foods and not just a bag full of snacks. Look for this recipe later this week.

Day 56: Thursday
After checking out a house to rent (pros: 3 bedrooms! Huge living room! Cons: not a great backyard, not connected to the house so we can't just let doggie out, also kind of far) we made our way back home to indulge in pizza and frozen yogurt (with all the toppings, I have a problem with limits) and Anchorman 2.

We're beyond the half way mark now in these 100 days - crazy how fast time flies by.

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