Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Balcony Project

As we start the hunt for a bigger place (our place is too cluttered and we really need a yard for the dog), I've been thinking up ways to make our balcony more liveable.
Last spring/summer our building was undergoing construction, which meant we didn't have access to our balcony from early in May until sometime in September.
It also meant I had to be more careful about lounging around in my bath robe since construction workers could pop up on their platform at any time.
I finally got around to getting rid of the box of empties that we store on our balcony and I swept up the debris left over from the fall. 
I want a place we can entertain or sit with a good book and feel more outside. 
I came across this picture on Pinterest and wanted to recreate something like this.

If I could afford to spring for some new furniture I'd look into this storage bench from Pottery Barn.

Here's what I've done with the balcony so far.
I moved one of our shelving units outside (which uncluttered our living room area a bit) and plan to use it to show off some plants. I'm thinking a herb garden and maybe a few flowers. We had lots of dogwood left over from our wreath decorating party in December so I used what was left to decorate the side of the shelf.
Expect more updates as this project moves along!


  1. oh i love these type of decorating projects! can't wait to see more.

  2. I have this bad feeling that we'll move before I'm able to live out my dream balcony! But I'd be happier with more space - ideally a yard!