Friday, April 18, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 7

And just like that it's Friday again!
This week has been busy and exciting so I apologize for the lack of posts between the weekly happy days updates. I promise to start blogging more!
But here is week 7 - almost at the half-way point!

Day 43: Friday.
Last day of work before the weekend. I had set out my outfit for a wedding the next day and found my little guy was quite fond of my heels.

Day 44: Saturday.
A beautiful wedding at the Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto. I was admiring (confession: trying to steal some of) the flowers when a bridesmaid handed me her bouquet. White roses & hydrangeas. Smelled so lovely.

Day 45: Sunday.
After a late night of dancing, I was happy to get to sleep in without a care in the world. And for cuddles with my main man.

Day 46: Monday.
A really great day, having gotten some very exciting news at work that evening. John and I had planned to have our very own film fest week in which we would watch a different movie every night and plan snacks to go with each movie. Night one was 'Unforgiven' and nachos. John made guacamole for the first time and holy moly that was good guacamole!

Day 47: Tuesday.
Despite being exhausted at work (my second 12 hour shift in a row), and being depressed about the snow/freezing rain, getting this picture from John made me smile. 

Day 48: Wednesday.
Another wonderfully happy day. I was off to have some blood work done which normally I dread because I had one bad experience where I almost fainted afterward! The tech was fantastic though, as per usualy, and it was not painful at all. As a nurse who now takes blood, I pride myself on my accessible veins. I went for two park walks with the pooch in the (cold) sunshine. This picture is of a poppyseed because today I was happy for the little things like my health, my veins (braggart alert), and the sunshine.

Day 49: Thursday.
I set a goal for myself to try to drink 1 L of water everyday because I don't drink nearly enough. So far so good! 

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