Monday, May 26, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 12

Late, as per usual these days!
I had a busy weekend so I apologize for the tardiness. 
Friday was my best friend's birthday and we went out to a murder mystery dinner theatre. 
Saturday was filled with dog walks, bridal showers, and work.
Sunday was sleep, some shopping with my mom, and a movie date with John (Neighbors. So good, highly recommended). 

So here is week 12! 

Day 78: Friday
After a horrible migraine which sent me home from work early, caused me to throw up twice, and kept me bed bound for the better part of the afternoon and evening, I started to finally feel better around 7:30, 8 pm. Since my post migraine period reminds me a lot of a hangover, I figured I was owed my go-to hangover cure: Chinese food and coke. I rarely ever drink non-diet pop, and I've cut my pop intake to about one can a week in recent months, but this can of coke was the best thing. It made me feel happy after a really rough day.

Day 79: Saturday
Tim Horton's was celebrating it's 50th anniversary and giving out free donuts at certain locations. After scouting out a location I could score one from, I made a quick stop on my way into work for a delicious freebie.

Day 80: Sunday
This 50 lb snuggler who will always be my lap dog. 

Day 81: Monday
Walks through the park have gotten much more wonderful as everything has become green, green, green. These flowers sprouting up were a nice reminder that spring/summer has finally arrived for good.

Day 82: Tuesday
The park. The beautiful park.
It felt like overnight it just exploded into green.

Day 83: Wednesday
I won a contest hosted by the amazing Ginger Rose & Summer Fresh!
I'm excited to make use of the apron, spatula (already been used several times) and the free coupons! 
And if you don't already follow Ginger Rose I suggest you do!

Day 84: Thursday
Sometimes this bug is so cute it hurts. 

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