Friday, May 2, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 9

Week nine!
Hard to believe how quickly the days are flying by. 
For the most part these days have all been happy and some days it's hard to pick just one thing to feature each day.

Day 57: Friday.
My best friend's mom lived out a lifelong dream of hers and put on a one woman cabaret show. It was very well done and my hat goes off to anyone brave enough to sing and tell personal stories in front of a packed room. The night included laughs with friends and delicious burgers (with extra pickles, natch).

Day 58: Saturday.
I was up early with John to head out fishing with him and the dog. It was sort of a frustrating morning as the dog had limitless energy and nearly pulled my arm out of the socket on numerous occasions. Besides that, it was a lovely peaceful morning, including some car snacks on the way home.

Day 59: Sunday.
I spent the morning with my mom shopping and decided to try my hand at Project Life scrapbooking. All of the Project Life products are gorgeous. If you want great examples of how to do this right check out Big City Quiet's spreads. 

Day 61: Tuesday.
One of those days where I could have slept for a full 24 hours. I came home from a night shift (where I fell asleep in the early hours of the morning with my head in my arms on the desk), and promptly fell into an uninterrupted sleep. When I woke up at 3 to take the dog out for a quick play, I felt like I could have slept for another 12 hours. Can you call in 'tired' to work? 
Despite the sleepiness, I do enjoy a good rain day. The pup and I had a nice quick walk in the rain and I could see new life sprouting up through the mud. Days like today make you want to curl up with a hot drink. 

Day 62: Wednesday.
This is where we'll be living at the end of June! 
We signed the lease Wednesday night so all is a go (unless of course some unforeseen calamity happens but I don't expect anything to happen). We celebrated by coming home, having burritos, and cleaning the apartment. Slowly but surely we've started recycling/throwing out/donating things.
The less stuff we have to move the better.

Day 63: Thursday.
This little face. And her wet paw prints all over the elevator.
Thankfully she's a pro at her routine when we get back in: sit, paw, paw (for towelling off).

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