Friday, May 9, 2014

100 Happy Days: Week 10

Getting week 10 in just under the wire!
Only 30 days left - one month! 

Day 64: Friday
Another overcast rain day spent in bed with the animals.

Day 65: Saturday.
I came home from a night shift to find this wonderful surprise gift waiting for me.
We're planning to start our garden so we can transplant it into the backyard of our new place ASAP.

Day 66: Sunday.
Came home from my second night shift to an excited dog who ran around the apartment for a bit then settled where she knew I was headed. 

Day 67: Monday.
Cinquo de Mayo!
We made salsa verde enchiladas (a recipe I meant to post and might still later this weekend) and had snack-de-mayo with a 7 layer dip before we both fell asleep on the couch before 7 pm.

Day 68: Tuesday.
This is actually from the weekend but I came across the photo in my phone and realized I had forgotten to use it! At 3 am on Saturday morning I started my first IV! My very first attempt was successful and the IV stayed in for 3 days without any problems!
I was pretty pumped. I think you know you're still a newbie nurse when you wake up from your sleep and the first thing you think about is, "I hope that IV didn't go interstitial. It's the first thing I'm going to ask about in report."

Day 69: Wednesday (yes, that's a link)
When seriously craving cold juice, a black cherry popsicle is just the thing.

Day 70: Thursday.
I have this pinterest quote find on my bedside table to remind me of what's important in the morning when I'm debating getting up and throwing on some mascara or sleeping for an extra 10 minutes.
And besides, happy is beautiful. 

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