Thursday, May 1, 2014

Wish List: Home Edition

One of my favourite things to do is make lists. 
This includes grocery lists, packing lists, and wish lists. 
I think this explains why Pinterest is so addictive because it's essentially a giant wish list. 

I don't want to jump the gun but ... we're moving moving in mid-June!
After looking at a few houses to rent, we finally found one that both of us love. 
We signed the lease last night and barring some unforeseen calamity, it'll be our new home in a month and half.
It's a bungalow with: 
  • Two decent sized bedrooms 
  • Central air
  • A large living room and a dining room 
  • A kitchen with way more space than we currently have as well as a double sink and a dishwasher (!!!) 
  • A deep bath tub (where I will be found most days)
  • A linen closet (we currently don't have one so I tried to fancifully arrange our towels in a basket in the bathroom but the dog uses them to scratch her beard so they're not the cleanest any more) 
  • A working wood burning fireplace (on the drive home I said, "awwww we can hang our stockings by the chimney with care!") 
  • A large backyard  (accessible from the back of the house and is fenced in so we can let the dog out for some morning exercise without having to take her to the park)
  • Patio furniture (nothing fancy) and a BBQ
  • The house is about a 15 minute walk from the subway or a quick bus ride and is close to a few plazas, and 2 big parks, one of which has an off-leash dog area.    
Basically I'm in love with this house. 
Rent isn't that bad and it includes all utilities. 

So my wish list now revolves around things we will need for our new space (assuming everything goes accordingly and we can move in).

One thing we can't wait to get is a real couch.
Right now we have a daybed that we use as our couch and ... I hate it. 
It's actually pretty cozyg as no one ever really sits on it, it's more of a lay-back-and-take-a-nap type couch. But it takes up room and always looks too much like a messy bed. 
So the plan will be to put the daybed in the second bedroom and buy a new (real) couch!

Wish List item #1: a real couch.

Wish List item #2: a new TV bench for the living room. 
Option A. 

or Option B

Wish List item #3: new dresser to match our bed frame and bedside tables.
Option A.

Option B.

Then in due time I want to get a second kitchen cart (this one, also from Ikea) for more counter space/storage space in the kitchen since there's an empty wall that could be used for pantry items.

I'm so excited! 
I'll admit I am sad thinking about leaving the first home John and I had together, my first home away from my parents, and this wonderful busy neighbourhood.
But I'm so ready for more space and for this new adventure!

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