Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Long Weekend!

I haven't posted anything since the Easter weekend so you can have it all now!
Metcalfe was a lot of fun and it was nice to get (almost) all of the family together.
On Saturday night we all went over to Aunt Wendy and Uncle Bob's place for a BBQ and more food than I thought was humanly possible. My Jamaica diet was not only tested but chloroformed, dragged into a back alley and beaten mercilessly ..
But My God was it worth it!
They had the BIGGEST wheel of brie I have ever seen in my life and I'm proud (ashamed?) to say that I ate a pizza-sized slice of it. Plus the famous nacho dip, Nanny's "squares" (yes, that's what I call them. Tracy understands), and then the BBQ food. So good.
Oh and then chocolate and delicious and adorable cupcakes from Andrea!
I repeat, SO GOOD.
Here's the gang in our bunny ears.
Sorry you all had to wear them but gosh darn it don't you all just look adorable?
On the recipe front I made some brownies for the Thursday night staff at work. I won't take credit for the actual brownies as I was pressed for time so just bought two boxes. BUT I did make the royal icing and I decorated little easter eggs on each one.


Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter Long Weekend!

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