Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recipe teasers - to come on Wednesday!

I am regaining my flexibility!
I'll credit my dedication to post-run stretching and also to the P90X yoga video.
John and I did the full yoga video yesterday - so good. 90 minutes of deep stretching, balance postures and severely shaking muscles.

Today I have been unsuccessfully trying to study for my exam tomorrow. I just can't stay focused. I've done a lot of other stuff so far today... including putting together a road-trip snack can for John's brother Mike who is hitting the road for a music tour.
He's a pretty talented drummer and he's playing with an up and coming Canadian singer named Jesse LaBelle.
He's in Toronto June 23rd and he hits up Ottawa as well ...I forget the exact dates but it's the Pop Soda Tour sponsered by Much Music. Pretty big deal! I'm very proud of him! I'll be going to the concert with my I heart Mike shirt and banner.
His can of goodies included:
Marbled Bailey's Cheesecake Cupcakes
(recipe maybe on Wednesday)

Mini Egg Biscotti
(I'm really trying to use up those mini eggs. Also, they are surprisingly delicious when baked into things)

Another recipe that I will post up on Wednesday because this biscotti is goooooood.
I ate like 4 peices and I've been pretty good about limiting my sugar intake in the last month or so.

Anyway I really need to go finish studying for this exam tomorrow :s
3 more to go and then freedom!

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