Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freedom & A Celebratory Champagne Cocktail

I am done second year!!!
I wrote my last exam this morning so no more studying, no more memorizing, no more reading and re-reading articles. Summer time freedom! I'm going to read magazines, go for long runs, try out new recipes, catch up on missed tv shows, etc.
In general the exams went well. There aren't any that I feel particularly worried about. But either way I am DONE FOR THE SUMMER!
This past weekend in Montreal was so much fun. It was a true girl's weekend and we packed so much excitement into a day and a half. On Friday we walked around old Montreal which is beautiful and then went out for dinner at a bring your own wine restaurant. We found a club that had $3 drinks so we danced there for a bit.
Interesting fact: after a few glasses of wine, I am completely fluent in french.
On Saturday we went for brunch with Tracy's family and then relaxed in Mount Royal park where a crazy hippy fest / drum party was going on. It was so fun. That night we went for Greek food at another byo-wine place and after that we found a club that had an open bar! Being more responsible about my alcohol intake on Saturday night I made myself proud by not going crazy. And we ended up befriending the cast of Fiddler on the Roof!
In celebration of my completion of second year here is a drink recipe to toast with the next time you want to celebrate something:
The 'Blushing Bride' Champagne Cocktail
  • Pour 2 ounces of chilled passion-fruit nectar into a glass.
  • Gently pour in 3 ounces of cold Champagne, then 1/2 teaspoon grenadine.
  • Do not shake or stir.
That's all you need!
It looks really good. I may make some on the weekend.
This Sunday is the Sporting Life 10 K!
I ran this morning and my current 10 K time stands at just under 51 minutes. My goal is to get it under 50. Last year I ran it in 54 mins and some odd seconds so I think a 5 minute faster goal is a good place to work towards this year.
Off to work to read magazines and spend my time frivolously!

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