Monday, July 12, 2010

Home again, home again jiggity jigg

Jamaica was AMAZING.
There's no other way to describe it.
The wedding, the food, the adventures we went on....just an amazing way to spend 10 days with close friends and some new ones.
You better believe I'm going to milk this trip into about 2 weeks worth of posts. I have probably about 30 pictures of food so there will be lots of reviews. The final verdict on food though is SO GOOD. So good.
Let's start off with some wedding pictures.
I stole these from one of the bride's cousins cause I didn't take any of the ceremony....didn't think I'd be able to successfully hide a camera in m bouquet.
Here's my walk down the aisle. What's going through my head is "don't fall, don't trip, don't fall, don't trip..."

Here's the beautiful bride making her way down with her father. When we drove up to the venue the rain was POURING but somehow, like magic, the rain stopped right before she had to get out of the car and start her walk.

The wedding party

And another nice glamour shot of the party.
Just overall a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful reception.
Tomorrow if I have time I'll post pictures of the food from the wedding :)
In the next few posts you can look forward to things such as:
  • Jerk chicken, several times over
  • Curried goat & oxtail
  • Festival
  • More wedding pictures
  • Trips on a catamaran, to waterfalls, parasailing, and many beach shots

OK party people, I have to get ready for work...I know, what a bummer having to go back to work right away :( haha back to the real world.


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