Friday, February 11, 2011

Blue Mountain Weekend

Thanks to a friend who has a place, a kind heart, and floor space, I'm heading up to Blue Mountain this evening for a weekend of fun.

If I were a legit skier, not impoverished, and not weighed down by several assignments, my entire weekend would be spent doing this:

I'n not the best downhill skier but the few times I've gone cross country skiing at my aunt and uncle's place I've enjoyed it tremendously.

But, like I said, I am broke and also have a few assignments I need to get on top of over the weekend. I'll be sitting by John's laptop like a big nerd.

But when I take a well deserved break, my activities will likely be as follows:

Hot tubbing.

There was talk of a hot tub and this better not have been an act of trickery.

Drinking Wine.

Nothing finer than enjoying a nice glass of the vino.
.....or if you are me, from the bag. Y'know, the bag inside the box of wine.
*The phenomenon known as 'slapping the bag' was actially introduced to me by the gentleman who's place we're staying at. So thank you. For so many things.

I'll be bringing up the stuff I need to make a breakfast lasagna. And maybe snacks. Cause there's always room for more. Even a wafer thin mint.
What's the worst that could happen?

Need some good music for the weekend?

Have you heard any songs from the Black Keys?



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