Friday, February 25, 2011

Hello again...again, Dexter Morgan...

I might be playing with fire here, having been burned once already...
Back in December during the holidays I was greedily watching as much Dexter as I could to catch up on season 5. The result? 4 episodes and 2 viruses.
And my computer is pretty much effed.
I've been relying on John's generosity (and computer) ever since.
Anyway I've found a new (and safe) site to watch Dexter and am now eagerly trying to finish off the season before reading week is finito.
I missed you, Dexter Morgan. I missed you a lot.
Also, I began work on the skittles vodka this morning. One blue and one red. I used crazy cores skittles instead of the regular ones to try and jazz it up a bit. The skittles have been slowly dissolving and I've been giving the bottles a shake everytime I walk by. I'd like this process to be finalized by tomorrow night so I can present one of the mixtures as a birthday present to a friend.
Also exciting: I might be going snowboarding for the first time ever tomorrow! There's a beginners hill close by and the prices for rentals and day passes are low... plus as John pointed out we should hurry up and enjoy the rest of winter before it's gone. Spring is right around the corner (thank you sweet 8 pound, 6 ounce infant baby Jesus) and having that happy little nugget of information tucked away in my back pocket makes me want to give winter a fun send off.
On the docket for tonight is a movie date (True Grit), a home-made Southwest Steak Salad dinner (salivating as we speak) with some wine and then perhaps some desert.
John and I both woke up with a sore throat this morning...
we're blaming our formerly sick siblings, naturally.
Luckily John's wonderful aunt gave us a whole bunch of natural rememdies for sickness! So we'll be taking good care of one another this weekend.


  1. OMG! I love Dexter too. I'm almost done with the fifth season. Sometimes it scares me how much I like this show.

  2. It's SO good! I hope the 5th season ends as insanely as the 4th did!