Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!

Once every year, I watch a football game.
And that one game is almost always the Super Bowl.
I actually quite enjoy watching football, especially since learning (and more or less remembering) the rules of the game. Unfortunately I do not have time to watch games, pick a favourite team, and really hop on the foosball train.
So dilemma.
Who to cheer for?
I usually base my support around the better looking QB, the colours each team don, and other incidental factors.
One such factor?
I DARE you not to bob your head along with this song. Or, like me, swagger around the apartment rapping to a cat.
So my decision ultimately fell to this: who has the better hair?
Representing Pittsburgh, weighing in at 207 lbs, and rocking some seriously poufy curls,
Troy Polamalu

And representing Green Bay, weighing in at 255 lbs, and rocking a blonde mop of glory,
Clay Matthews

With that pose, he could out shine the cheerleaders.
In the battle of the hair, I have to give the edge to Mr. Troy Polamalu.
His hair is ensured for $1 million. How much is yours worth, Clay Matthews?
Not even the lure of cheese from Wisconsin can sway me.
Pittsburgh it is.
And more specifically Troy Polamalu.
But even more specifically?
Go Super Bowl Food!

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