Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jamie's Book Club: The Divinity Gene

The love of reading was instilled in me at a very young age by my mother.
I love books. I almost hoard them.
Stories are wonderful things and being able to lose yourelf in a good book is a feeling unlike any other.
Being able to write stories, however, is a totally different experience.
I know a few writers with the ability to pull you in, make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel connected to the characters they write about, real or fictional.
If you haven't checked out this blog already I highly recommend you do.
There are some great stories on there, both real and imaginary, that will keep you coming back.
Recently, a friend had a book of short stories published.
As soon I saw the news I pre-ordered my copy.
I love books and it's exciting to know the author!
I'm half-way through the book of short stories and already I'm impressed.
The Divinty Gene
by Matthew J. Trafford
I don't know if I can accurately pick a favourite yet, still having half the book to finish, but thre are definitely some favourites emerging.
I'm going to play book reviewer now. Humour me.
The Renegade Angels of Parkdale is a story about love, loss, and how these things connect us all.
Gutted is a tale about a boy, his father, a mythical creature, and what happens when we are on the brink of losing faith in magic.
iFaust might be my favourite at the moment. Having been a huge R.L. Stein fan, then an equally huge Stephen King fan, this story got me excited. I've already told Matthew I want him to turn this into a novel for me to read. It's a modern-day technological take on selling your soul for fame and fortune, and the lengths people will go to to save the one's they love.
I don't think I've been disappointed in any of the stories so far but those I think are my favourite. I'm in the middle of one about an Algonquin camping trip with a dead guy.
I actually can't put it down.
Everyone is getting this book for all upcoming birthdays, holidays, etc.
Support our talented home-grown authors and go out and buy this book!

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