Friday, February 4, 2011

When Celebrity Chefs Go Wrong...Part II

A little while back I posted recipes from Paula Deen and from Rachael Ray.
Horrible recipes that literally required nothing more than a package of bacon and a can of peas.
No skills needed other than being able to operate a can opener and enter time on a microwave.
Once again, has given us a doozy of a recipe from the Food Network.
I can't help but laugh, but I mean... you're a chef who is lucky enough to have recipes featured on the Food Network.
Food Network - you are a place where people like me go to find recipes that we can use to delight our tastebuds and impress our friends with our epicurean talents.
So when you allow stuff like this on to your website....

I think I may just print the recipe for this.
I'll practice this one a few times before I try it out for friends!


  1. Ha! Your blog is cracking me up, and this is my favorite. I totally agree - ridiculous that some of these recipes on Food Network are there. I've been impressed with most of their stuff, but come on. AND interestingly enough, just a week ago I had a friend make me the "canned beans and bacon" and it was just as horrible as it sounds. Fun blog!
    ~Kristin from

  2. I just can't get over that they allow those recipes to be posted!!!