Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I recall, Algonquin Park in Fall

I've definitely used that title before...
but it works so well and, don't lie, you're singing right now
"how you tore your dress, what a mess, I confess..."
Thist weekend was spent paddling, layering, eating, and relaxing on the beautiful waters of Algonquin Provincial Park.
The weather was beautiful.The days were filled with blue skies and sunshine and despite the end of summer high of 17 degrees, I was down to just my tank top during our paddling.
Friday and Saturday night got down to about 2 degrees so I was thankful for my winter snow suit.
And the incredibly warm mummy-like sleeping bag my mom bought me for christmas.
And my cousins and aun and uncle who found it for me (I left it at the fam-jam cottage) and safely returned it to me!

I forgot to take pictures of our meals but I can tell you that just about everything tastes better cooked over an open fire.
Cherry tomatoes? Red, orange, and yellow peppers? Steak? Potatoes?

I've picniked some of my photos for you.
Here we have the boys unloading the canoes in preparation for our first portage, from Smoke Lake to Ragged Lake.
This portage felt bad, 240 m half of which was uphill.
After the second portage (590 m, ALL of which was uphill), the first one seemed like a walk in the park.
It literally was - ba doom ch.

Here's a collage of me paddling with (you can't see it but) the paddle that John made me a few years ago, our canoes (the green one John fixed up and unfortunately weighs SO much more than those nice aluminum ones....not fun for portaging, the sunset in Parkside Bay, and our winter wear in contrast to daytime clothing.

My trusty waterproof Hunter rain non-boots. Kept my feet dry and only gave me 4 blisters. That'll teach me to not wear socks.

And perhaps my favourite photo of the entire weekend - I didn't retouch this at all, only rounded the edges of the photo:
John getting in some last minute fishing on Saturday night at our beautiful campsite in Parkside Bay.

Now I must spend the rest of my day writing a history essay outline, doing an online leaing module on electronic patient records, go over IVs, fluids & electrolytes, drugs, cenral and peripheral lines, and all other things I might be expected to know tomorrow when I do my first 12 hour shift in the ICU.
And then I will go on a pinterest binge to reward myself.

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  1. Coming from you that means A LOT! I aspire to take photos as beautiful as yours someday...

  2. Voted! Good luck.
    Yes I have the song in my head, thanks for that. And you have a hand-made paddle?!? That's cool. Most of us have those aluminum/plastic jobs. Great pictures.