Monday, April 23, 2012

2 Ideas for Cupcakes

I think I would be well suited to being everyone's bridesmaid. Partially because I'm just all-around awesome.
Mostly, however, it's because I really enjoy planning things and think I'm getting pretty good at it.

My best friend and her fiance are hosting their Stag & Doe this Saturday and I've jumped in with both feet.
I tried to grab a bunch of Dollarama items this past weekend (108 plates, 150 plastic shot glasses) but then had to take my party to Costco to pick up 360 assorted utensils and 240 red party cups.
Sorry, red solo cups.
Proceed to party.

Anyway, aside from buying more party cups than we will use, I've also started to put together a gift basket to be auctioned off to help the bride and groom -to-be raise wedding funds. So far I have a design your own coffee tumbler, an iced coffee tumbler, a mini cupcake pan, a spatula and whisk, and Martha Stewart's Cupcakes recipe book.
I obviously looked through the book and will likely scan some images before I wrap this gift up.
Two that particularly caught my eye were these ones:

Tres leches cupcakes and lemon-yogurt cupcakes with raspberry jam.
Neither recipe is available on her website so I may post the recipes to both when I make them... hopefully sometime this week.
I still don't have flour or butter.
But I did buy toilet paper!
And rainbow trout (ew) for John for dinner - he went fishing yesterday and caught two but let them go because he wasn't sure if he was legally allowed to be fishing where he was fishing. Shhhh.

In other news I finished ONCE AND FOR ALL today with school!
My BScN is complete - just need to worry about passing the RN exam and then finding myself a job.

Now I must learn how to cook fish.
Smelly, disgusting fish.
It's what's for dinner.

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