Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good News / Bad News

Good News:

I went for a run this morning after weeks and weeks of making excuses. My first since January!

Bad News:

I ran for 31 minutes and thought I was going to die. I have a 10k to run in 2 weeks. I definitely won't break the 50 minute mark this year.

Good News:

I've been cleaning the apartment like a fiend lately. It's really starting to look neat again nd I'm enjoying this decluttering process. Also: not pregnant! Not nesting.

Bad News:
Everything is covered in dust and everything remaining is John's and I can't (in good conscience) throw out his stuff (without him getting mad). But I don't think he's going to read 14 back issues of Ontario Out of Doors magazine. Right? He probably will. On the table they stay.

Good News:

I got a call from a hospital asking me to come in a write a med quiz next week - the first step in the hiring process! AH! It's also on a palliative unit that I would really love to work on. My best friend is a Social Worker on that unit and she put in a good word for me (I love her, I'm going to buy her a yacht).

Bad News:

It's a quiz. I have to pass with 80% or more. I hate medication calculations. I need to start studying for this quiz now because my potential future employment depends on it!

So this is me.
From now until Wednesday May 2nd.
And then again until June 6th when I write the CRNE.

I'll be cooking up a storm on Friday night/Saturday morning in preparation for my best friend's Stag & Doe so this weekend expect a cooking post (finally).

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