Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I'm Back!

After an almost 5 month hiatus I am happy to say that I once again have time (and things) to blog!

I started a hectic consolidation nursing practice in January - squeezing in 384 hours of clinical practice between school assignments and working 20-ish hours a week. It didn't leave a lot of time for cooking, baking, or blogging.

I finished my last day of placement earlier this month and attended my last conference class yesterday. All of my assignments are handed in and I have only one more 30 minute meeting to go to before I am done with this degree.

It's insane that another 4 years have gone by and I am one exam (a big one though) away from being an RN.
Also one job away from being an employed RN but we'll take that one day at a time.

I'm working at my part-time job still but now I can come home from work and relax, read up on some study material, and do the things I have missed since Christmas.

First thing on the agenda: Clean my kitchen!

(Click on the picture to get the full effect)
My teeny tiny little kitchen was a disaster. I did, however, give it a BIG clean-out last month during reading week so all of the cupboards are fairly organized. All it needed was a good washing of the dishes and a scrub of the stove and counters. Voila. A kitchen fit to cook in.

You may also recall that I am getting married in about 4 1/2 months.
To combine things I love (planning + crafting + blogging), and to get myself back in the blogging habit, I have decided to introduce a new series called

Every Wednesday I'll blog about something wedding related - without giving away too much, as 98% of the people reading this will be at the wedding.

John and I were down in the Niagara area this past weekend to do some more planning.
We figured out our flowers, booked an officiant, stayed at one of the hotels we blocked (the Super 8 which was awesome), looked into rehearsal dinner locations, and did our menu tasting.

We also visited a few wineries in our spare time between appointments.
And bought a few bottles to enjoy with the rest of our planning.

There are 8 bottles there.
Cave Springs Chenin Blanc might be my new favourite.

Back tomorrow for the very first Wedding Wednesday!

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