Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays: Menu Tasting

Of all the emails I've sent, people I've called, appointments I've booked, etc, in the wedding planning process, I think tasting every option on the wedding dinner menu might have been the most fun I've had so far.

John and I, along with our parents, arrived at the winery at 1 and sat down for a huuuuge lunch.
5 types of salad.
4 pasta dishes.
Appetizer plates of springrolls, crab cakes, and an antipasto platter.
5 main courses.
5 deserts.

Needless to say we were all stuffed before the pasta was cleared from the table.
What an experience!
I would recommend people plan weddings just to sample all of the food. Every course was delivered to the table family style, so we weren't just given bite-sized tastes of each possible choice.
In my excited state I forgot to take pictures of the first few courses (and I'm usually that person who takes photos of everything she eats). They did set up plated versions of each main course for us to take pictures of and to give us an idea of what the plated meal will actually look like.

Because we're choosin two main options (plus a vegetarian option) and they will be on the invitation reply card, here are some not-great pictures of the 5 main course options!
The descriptions are listed in front of each plate but reading it might be difficult.

We had 2 steak options, salmon, and 2 chicken options. We picked one beef and one chicken and will give people the option. We actually sort of mix and matched the two steak entrees for optimal taste.

Eating that much food reminded me of how fitted and unforgiving my dress is.
Good thing I won't be eating every possible thing on the menu next time.

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