Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesdays: Save the Date Cards

*This post was scheduled to go up yesterday but for some reason it didn't... so the first of the Wedding Wednesdays series will be on a Friday.

One thing I started planning almost immediately after our engagement was the save the date cards.
After buying every bridal magazine I could find, I came across this adorable idea in Martha Stewart Weddings and knew it was what I wanted to send out to family and friends.

To make these scratch cards I bought some silver metallic acrylic paint, cardstock paper, and that plastic-y paper you can slip photos into. I bought that last one because after reading the comments posted under the instructions on it became apparent that a lot of people were having problems with scratching the date right off with the paint!
Some suggested putting tape over the date. I tried and it looked awful. So not wanting to paint directly over the date hearts, I cut strips of that plastic paper and stapled them over the hearts.

First you need to download the template found here.
Fill in your information - this invite can be used for a number of things/events.
Print out onto cardstock paper and attach the plastic strips over the hearts.
Mix 2 tbsp of the acrylic paint with 1 tbsp of dish soap. I used a grapefruit scented soap hoping that it would add a nice scent to the final product but it didn't so feel free to use plain ol' dish soap.
Paint carefully over the hearts on the plastic and let dry. You may need to do a second or even third coat of paint.
Once they're dry you are ready to mail them out, but don't forget to include a penny to scratch the date off with.
Or save your pennies as they're going out of style pretty soon.


A few people chose not to scratch the paint off and just lifted up the plastic to find the date to preserve the integrity of the card.
I get it, cause I have about 10 extras just as keepsakes.

We're getting our invitations under way tonight!

Next Wednesday: Menu Tasting!


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  3. AnonymousJune 05, 2013

    Hello, just wanted to say, could you not use a clear sealer on top of the numbers and let dry before you coat with the scratch off paint? Maybe modge podge?

    I am debating whether or not to attempt to make these cute little cards....