Friday, May 18, 2012

Gone Camping!

In the early hours of tomorrow morning we're setting off for Algonquin Park. A long weekend canoe trip extravaganza. I even got my fishing license today so that I can give it a whirl (legally).
We've got the kebabs in the freezer (chicken, steak, and some cheese ones - mmm), the s'mores essentials, a thermos jug filled with fruit for sangria, and a 4L bag of wine which will be slapped and finished off before the sun rises on Monday morning. Hopefully.
All in the classiest way possible.
I'm excited to get going. We're camping with some of John's work friends and I can't wait. They're such fun people.
AND the weather is supposed to be beautiful so I've packed more bikinis than I'll wear.
It's just what I do.
Hope you all have wonderful long weekend plans!
A happy birthday this weekend goes out to my Aunt Wendy also <3

Here are some of my favourite camping clips.


And a few from my all-time favourite movie of all time ever: Wet Hot American Summer
(also the reason I cannot seriously watch Christopher Meloni on Law and Order).

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