Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Gift Registries

*Meant to post this before I left to see West Side Story last night but forgot - oops!

I realize that everytime I go to start a Wedding Wednesday post I want to open with "one of my favourite parts of wedding planning...".
Basically I'm having a lot of fun planning this wedding and everything we do is my favourite part.
So I'll hold back from saying everything is my favourite but ... it IS all my favourite.

Last weekend we went to inquire about John's suit and groomsmen's suits and while at the mall we went and registered as well.
I have been wanting to get my hands on one of those registry scanner's for ever. Literally since the moment I found out to-be-bride's got to do that.
We went to The Bay and I got that scanner.

We were very restrained (I'm simultaneously proud and ashamed) and didn't register for a ton or for anything super expensive. We live in a not-so-big apartment and we already have a ton of stuff that we don't necessarily need. I didn't register for a waffle maker or an ice cream maker (even though I waaaaaaant toooooo) because they 1) would be somewhat impractical and 2)  would have to go on our bookshelf because there is no room for them.
We registered for new dishes, towels, some glassware, and bed linens. Also accidently a $300 duvet cover. Which neither of us felt comfortable having on the registry.
I logged on this afternoon to take that item off and the vast majority of the items we registered for aren't on it!
I hope this is because it's still getting up and running and not because we made some horrible mistake with the scanner.
I'll check again in a week or so and update things if need be.

We registered only for things we need and I'm thinking about starting up a honeymoon registry so we can fund our ambitious honeymoon to Tanzania, to climb Mount Kilimajaro. Not a joke.

We did register for one pricey item though...

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