Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Things: Hamburger Edition

Sorry I've been MIA for the last week.
I got back from the canoe trip late Monday night and have been working or busy ever since!
I had an interview for a nursing job on Tuesday morning (ahhhh!) and it seemed to go well. They've also been calling my references so.... fingers crossed they don't find someone better with more experience.

Of the things I love, hamburgers are close to the top. Nothing satisfies a deep hunger, or says 'hey, it's summer. Come have a beer in my backyard' quite like a burger does.
Last summer I saw an article ranking the best burgers in Toronto and I set out on a mission to get myself the #1 ranked burger in the city. When The Burger's Priest opened their Yonge St. location I was in there pretty shortly after to get my hands on ThePriest burger (which is a cheeseburger topped with a portobello mushroom stuffed with cheese then fried). I hate to say it wasn't the best burger I've ever had. It could be because I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms though.
Anyway, Toronto Life has ranked the best burgers in the city this year. Here are some of them.

#6. The Double Cheeseburger at The Burger's Priest ($8)

#5. Cowlorie at Holy Chuck ($12)

and the #1 burger in Toronto goes to....

Naturally Braised Beef Burger at The Harbourd Room ($16)

...Where you will find me at some point this summer.

Here's a link to the article if you're interested.

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