Thursday, May 3, 2012

Integrity vs. Appearing Intelligent

Yesterday I wrote a med quiz at a hospital where I may have been considered for a job.
I needed 80% on the quiz to move on in the process and I'm seriously concerned I failed it big time.
I was expecting 30 questions, nothing too intense and instead I got 47 questions, some of which I was slightly unprepared for.
I had a total brain fart on the 8 'rights' when giving medication.
I couldn't think of what the abbreviation 'pr' meant (I figured I should put something so I put down extra strength. It really means 'by rectum'. I think I could argue that some people would consider that an extra strength medication).
I also blanked on what digoxin was for - I cirlced atrial fibrillation first then thought I was crazy so I changed it to coronary artery disease.
It's for A fib.
ALWAYS trust your first instinct.
I was very tempted to cheat as I have a med app on my ipod that could have very quickly told me what digoxin was for, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. 
Sure it may have meant I got an extra question right and could have helped me move on to an interview, but I couldn't.  

What I did do (because I always need to know if I'm a big loooser) was to google search and med app search every question I could remember. I also got my friend to look some up for me at while I was on my way home.
I know I got at least 5 wrong. I can only get 9.5 wrong to get that 80%.
Does anyone else feel the need to know what questions they got wrong right away?
It's a terrible feeling but it has to be done.
Homer sums it up best.

Anyway, to cheer myself up I've been watching a lot of Key & Peele on youtube this morning (after my 4.5 mile run this morning whoop whoop whoop - 10k in just over a week, maybe won't die!). Big thanks to John for recommending I watch these guys.

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