Sunday, June 23, 2013

Baldwin Street Burger

Sorry I'm so terrible at posting through out the week.
It's habit I'm working on breaking.
Last weekend John and I went for a drive to Brooklin Ontario to try the burgers at a place called Baldwin Street Burger that John and his work crew frequent when they're working in the area.
This day trip also fit in perfectly with my quest to find the best burger in the city (and surrounding areas)

The place is small and doesn't necessarily stand out on the street. Just a few signs to let you know who and where they are.
Inside is beautiful - large wooden tables and menus on chalkboards on the walls.
They even serve your food on thick cutting boards.
Very cute.

John got the steak burger with a side of mac & cheese.
The mac & cheese is creamy and extra cheese is melted overtop.
It's really good and very filling, which is why we opted for the 3 oz burgers (aka the kids burger) instead of the 6 oz patties.
I can't pull up the website on the computer so I can't give you an exact run down on what was on the burger but there was cheese and bacon and those delicious crispy fried onions.

I went with the Cesaer burger - lettuce, tomato, parmesan cheese, pepper, and bacon among other things. I also opted for a split order of fries and deep fried pickles as my side.
Very good.

While I don't know that this will break my top 3 for best burger ever, I highly recommend checking this place out if you're in the area.
They have a few burger options that I still want to try.
If you can view it check out the website (and hopefully the menu) here!

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