Saturday, August 24, 2013

Anniversary Card

I saw the idea for this card on (guess where?) Pinterest and knew it would be perfect for John.
I meant to fancy it up a bit more and make it look more fishing vest-like but I forgot...
And spent my time working on the gifts that go with the card.
As I mentioned it's a fishing vest. With 4 pockets. And in each of those pockets is a fish on a tongue depressor (thanks, place of employment).
 And on each of those fish is a way to show someone you love them (as mentioned in a previous post).
"Acts of Service" I will post tomorrow because I meant to do it today but forgot. By forgot I mean I got home from work, popped 2 Zzzquils and slept for 7 glorious hours before heading off to work again.
For "Receiving Gifts" I bought him a documentary about Maynard James Keenan (of Tool/A Perfect Cirlce/Puscifer fame)  and his foray into wine making.
I cheated a bit and used "Quality Time" and "Physical Touch" together for one gift. A couple's massage! Sunday morning we can look forward to a relaxing rub down. This gift is also for me because I did something to my lower back ... probably from lifting and repositioning heavy patients.
Also I realize I'm giving him the gift of physical touch from someone other than his wife but let's be honest, my massages are mediocre at best.
"But that's only 4 fish. What about Words of Affirmation? You forgot one."
No I didn't.
They're on the back!

I'm so excited for this weekend.
Strolling around Niagara, sampling wines and ultimately buying way more than we intend to, getting massaged, sitting in the heart shaped tub with a glass of wine, and spending time with my husband.
They say you're only newlyweds for the first year.
Maybe technically.
But that feeling's going to take a lot longer than a year to disappear.

Happy 1st year of marriage, (insert any number of silly pet names here)

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