Thursday, August 22, 2013

Home Owners: A Someday Dream

It's been a full year since I've had steady employment in my career field.
I've been lucky in that there have been months where I feel over-worked and exhausted.
I mean, obviously I don't feel lucky at the time but afterwards seeing my bank accounts creep up and up is very satisfying.
A few months ago I set up a tax free savings account and have already put $1000 into it.
I switched my chequings  account to one where I don't pay per debit card transaction (which is huge because I use my debit card a lot) but I forgot to give the paperwork to HR at one place of employment so one of my paycheques goes into one account and the other goes into the old account that is no longer connected to my debit card.
Which means there are paycheques accumulating that I forget about, only to find this "extra" money when I do my banking.
It's fantastic.
For all the complaining I do about shift work, it's nice being able to regulate my schedule a bit and being able to pick up extra shifts when I need to.
I've put in full time hours (maybe full time plus) this month and I had planned on not working so many shifts in September.
But lately John and I have been talking more about when we could reasonably start looking at houses.
Which turned into right now.
We can't afford anything just yet but we've started looking and my goodness it's exciting!
I've watched a lot of those shows - House Hunters, etc - where people turn their noses up at everything and find all sorts of reasons not to love a house.
I know for a fact that each place we walk into I'm going to love.
I'm going to find reasons to want it to be our home.
I'll definitely need John to be the realist.
Anyway, it's given me more stuff to do during my night shifts, namely looking at properties and then going décor mad on Pinterest.
If I had an unlimited budget, here are some things I would include in my dream home:
1. A bright and cozy reading nook.

2. A deep bath tub for long soaks. 

A sunken tub vs. a claw-footed tub. Maybe one in each bathroom.

3. A backyard built for entertaining.
How AMAZING would this fire pit/sand pit be?

Also on my list of desirable features: an open kitchen preferably with island, lots of closet space, and lots of windows for natural light.

If money wasn't an issue, what 3 things would you want in your home?


  1. Hey, first of all: good luck. My boyfriend and I have started house hunting about half a year ago, but the market in Austria is terrible at the moment. I would like to have an older house (in my country it's usually to build one instead of buying one) which has character and history, loads of quirks and charme. However, all of those we could afford were close to ruins or in a bad location. It's hard. I cross my fingers for you!
    Ohh, I know that problem about browsing the net, coming across tons of things you would like in your future home. I love these pictures in this post - especially the first one. The sunken bathtub is amazing too. :D It kind of looks like someting from an old Roman spa.

    1. So awesome to have a reader from Austria!
      Good luck with the house hunting - hopefully you find your dream home. We're likely going to Ireland in the spring and we're thinking of doing some extra traveling while in Europe. I'd love to see Austria! Any recommendations for places to visit?

  2. all good things. reading nook? yes. great backyard. for sure! and an awesome tub? a must. good luck!!