Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Anniversary: Day 1 continued

After our oysters and reisling we decided to hit a few more wineries close by.
One of those was Organized Crime.

It's a smaller place and the story behind the name is kind of cool. The wine labels depict the story as well.
I forget the actual details but it involved a menonite community and a stolen piano.
We left with two bottles: a 2012 reisling and a 2009 cab franc.

Then we hit Fielding.
Beautiful scenery and really good wines.
We decided we needed some food at this point too so we got a cheese plate with red pepper jelly (which we devoured).

We (by 'we' I mean pretty much exclusively just me) were starting to feel the wine at this point which was a big factor in our decision to grab a snack. It also factored heavily into my decision to buy a $60 bottle of wine. Mind you it was really good.
We left with a 2011 reisling and a the 2007 'Choosen Few' red.
The woman serving us told us it should be cellared until 2020-2022 so we're going to push it to 2022 and open it on our 10th anniversary.
See? Great at rationalizing a $60 purchase.

Paying that much for wine was somewhat sobering so we decided it was time to head to our hotel and check in.
The place was... kind of what I expected.
A standard hotel room, king sized bed.

The good: heart shaped hot tub with jets, mini fridge, black out curtains, comfortable bed, close to the falls.
The bad: the bachelor party staying near us who partied loudly til 4 am, the small tv that got 14 channels of static, the timer to the hot tub that we could only access using a pair of plyers, the broken a/c unit that we had to drape the curtains over so we didn't freeze in the morning, the centipede who figured our wedding cake (that we forgot to put in the fridge before going to bed) was fair game.  

All in all, I'd probably stay there again if I needed an inexpensive place just to sleep in.

We made dinner reservations at Elements for 7:30 then took a quick nap.
John woke me up at 8:20 and we made our way to the restaurant, careful not to give our names for fear they'd giv eus dirty looks for completely sleeping through our reservations.
The walk was lovely and the view from the restaurant was awesome. We were sitting looking right at the edge of the horsehoe falls.

(sorry, the reflection of the restaurant in this picture kind of detracts from the view)

Showing up later in the night probably guaranteed us a window seat. When we made our 7:30 reservations they told me a window seat was not a guarantee.

We both got red meat and a glass of red wine to accompany our meals.
I had the beef tenderloin with blue cheese, vegetables, mashed sweet potatoes and a cesaer salad.

I ate almost every single bite.
Then we walked off our big dinner and went back to our room to fiddle with the timer d hop into the tub.

And to have some desert.

Next up: day 2 in which we visit a lot more wineries.

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