Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Anniversary: Day 1

After minimal sleep on Saturday morning we hit the road for our first anniversary weekend.
I was tired but I was more excited to spend the weekend with John and to visit more of the wineries in the Nigara region.
Our first stop was at Thirty Bench, where we were signed up for the Oysters & Reisling tasting.
The oysters (and much more after the event) were provided by Tide & Vine.

We were given a glass of the winemaker's reisling to start (we bought two bottles) and then they filled up our glasses with 3 more reislings and a pinot gris.
From left to right:
a 2009 Reisling that had a "wet stones'' quality to it.
2011 Reisling which was a little less acididc
2010 reisling with more fleshy fruit flavours
The pinot gris - any information I forgot to note, I was already pretty tipsy at this point. 

Let me start by saying this: oysters are gross.
I only signed us up for this event because I know how big a fan John is.
I tried them once long ago with my aunt and uncle who advised me to just swallow a little peice. It was like swallowing a booger.
So I thought, what the heck, let's chew this ugly looking thing and see if it doesn't taste any better.
It doesn't.
But I ate 4 of them. The last one doused in horseradish and some other wine-based sauce.

We had malpeque's from the actual malpeque bay, the "french kiss" malpeque which is from New brusnwick and is less salty (but is also HUGE so I gave this one to John), the "Beach Angel" from B.C.'s Quadra Island which had a more creamy texture, and lastly the Kumimoto from Japan which was also quite creamy but also had a bit of a metallic taste.
(Note: all of these descriptions are from the guy who was telling us about them, I wasn't concentrating on flavours. I just wanted to chew, swallow, and get back to my wine).


The things I do for love.

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