Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The #SundayFunday (#superhappyfunmagictime) Wedding

On the Sunday of the August long weekend, John and I went to a beautiful wedding to watch two friends say "I do" and then to party the night away with them.
John was the best man and had spent the week leading up to the big day worrying about his speech and wanting to get it just right.
Me, I was busy trying to find a hair-do.
I amalgamated a few that I found on pinterest and did a test run...

...Which went too successfully that I figured I would never be able to recreate it.
The night before I set my hair in 3 french braids to make sure my hair would be as voluminous as I could make it without teasing it beyond recognition.
The effect made it look even cooler.
I did a reverse french braid starting at the top right side of my head and moving down to the bottom left. A reverse french braid is what I call it when you braid the hair under instead of over the other strands.
When I ran out of hair to add to the braid I tied it into a ponytail. Then I used a sock bun to keep the hair off of my neck and out of my face.
Essential for dancing at summer weddings.
Perhaps the ease with which my hair went up was a good omen because the wedding was absolutely beautiful.
The venue was great, the bride looked stunning and the groom very handsome. The bridesmaid's dresses were also something I would have worn and the flowers were so lovely that I made a frantic bid for a centerpiece at the end of the night.
And the band that they had really got the crowd going.

And the food...

I don't remember exactly what each course was but the first was reminiscent of a spring roll but in a much flakier, tastier shell.
The salad was wrapped up in a cucumber lead and came with a grilled mushroom and a toasted slice of baguette topped with an avocado spread.
The main was roasted potatoes and vegetables with chicken and beef.
Desert was two types of fruit sorbet in a sugar cookie-esque bowl with a chocolate dipped bottom.
The wedding cake was pink velvet and we were treated to a late night buffet of mini hotdogs, sliders, fries, and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Everything was delicious.
I just finished watching the newlywed's wedding video for the 10th time... what a beautiful wedding.
I can't thank them enough for letting me be a part of their day and for throwing hands-down the party of the summer.
I wish the newlyweds nothing but love and happiness for the rest of their lives.

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