Monday, June 14, 2010

...And now for something completely different

And so, dear readers, the time has finally come.
Tomorrow is Ivory Coast's first World Cup game.
They play Portugal.
And they are going to wiiiiiiiin.
Why am I cheering for the Ivory Coast?
They are a smaller, lesser known country and I flatly refuse to cheer for one of the more popular teams, i.e. Brazil, Portugal (2 of the 3 other teams in the I.C.'s group), England, France, Italy, etc, etc. I cheered for France last time around and even got my Italian friends riled up....until I got several rude phone calls. No conversations. Just me holding the phone as far away from my ear as possible while my friends, in the middle of the Italian celebration, screamed 'FORZA ITALIAAAAA' at me.
I will never cheer for Italy for that reason alone.
Loooooove the country. Probably one of the most beautiful places I've been. But deepest regrets, Italian soccer players, you do not get my rooting.
So. Let's learn about the Ivory Coast so that tomorrow you will cheer them on with me too!

Making wild assumptions from this google-image map, Yamoussoukro is the capital. And it's located between Liberia (side note: everytime I see this country I cannot help but sing Liberian Girl by Michael Jackson. True story), Ghana, Mali, Guniea and Burkina Faso.
In an interesting twist of fate that makes me believe it was more than random chance that I chose to cheer for the I.C., their flag is this close to the Irish flag!

So friends, please. Please help me root on the underdog in this so called 'group of death'.
How can you not cheer for such a happy-go-lucky group of guys like this?


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