Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beautiful Toronto: Skydome & The Jays

Staying true to my chronicles of Toronto's best places to visit -
Yes, you Ted Rogers loving, Toronto hating people who just said to yourself 'oh I think she meant the Roger's Center' IT IS THE SKYDOME.
Sorry. I feel very strongly about that.
Rogers Center, psh. Ya right.
That's where I go to watch the boys of summer.
Anyway. Ranting aside, going to see a baseball game is perhaps the quintessential thing to do in the summer in Toronto. The dome open, the hotdogs and popcorn and peanut shells (bum bum bum) everywhere, the iiiiiice coooooold beeeeeeer flowing, the 7th inning all just wraps up exactly what summer should be.
*Quick side note: if you click on the link above and have never seen that man before then shame on you. He is a Toronto celebrity. Much like Zanta. No? Still scratching your head? Google search these people or youtube them. They even have facebook groups dedicated to them. I'm dead serious.
If you live in Toronto and don't recognize either of these two great men then get out. You don't really live here.
First skydome then this I moody or what today?
Remember when the Jays won the World Series? Twice? Back to back?

True story: My grandmother had a more-or-less life size cardboard cutout of Paul Molitor. I have no idea what has since happened to the cardboard Mr. Molitor.
You know who my favourite was?
John Olerud.
He had that geeky lovable factor. And he always had to wear a batting helmut even when he was playing the field because he has a metal plate in his head.
But mostly because we have the same birthday.
And we spent a magical birthday together one year at Fenway park where he helped led the boys to a victory over the Red Sox.
My dad's life long dream of getting to Cooperstown and seeing the Baseball hall of fame cleverly disguised as a family trip to Boston. We did get to see the Salem Witch Museum though which was cool. And my diary says we stayed in a hotel that had TWO pools.
Soul mates.
Except that my google image search rudely pointed out that the man has a family. Damn you google.
P.S. Is it really creepy that I posted a photo of John Olerud's family? Almost as creepy as the time I google searched Darcy Tucker's children because I wanted to discredit his "hot" wife.

Someone get me a hobby.

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