Saturday, June 19, 2010


The Bachelorette party last night was AMAZING!
So much fun.
Limo, champagne, heels, a free bottle of vodka, and a bunch of fun and beautiful girls.
In exactly 2 weeks from today, two of my very very best friends will be getting married!
2 weeks!
It reminded me that I have not found a hairstyle for the wedding yet.
So I've been scouring the world of google images all morning. I have 12 so far so today I'll give you the first 6 and I'm going to number them so that you can give me feedback on which one's you like best. And please please please give feedback because I am awful at making decisions.
So Mom, Wendy, Andrea, Jennie.....Mike, Dad, and occasionally John let me know!
Also - I'm torn between a partial updo and a full updo. It's in Jamaica and it's going to close to 40 degrees outside so keep that tucked away.

Number 1 (I really like this one, think it's a top 3 contender):
Number 2 (elegance on the elegant Rachel Weisz):

Number 3 (like the top but not so much the super curly bun):

Number 4 (like the wispy aspect of it):

Number 5:

Number 6 (I like this look a lot too, another top 3 contender):

So there's your first round of 6, the next 6 will come on Monday. Then I'll narrow it down to 3 and make my decision. I need to know how long I need my hair cause I have a hair appt on Wednesday the 30th and am getting at the very least a trim, if not a cut.
Tomorrow is Father's Day so if you haven't gotten anything for your father/baby-daddy yet.....

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