Friday, June 25, 2010

Everything Tastes Better with Bacon

Ever heard the saying 'everything tastes better with bacon'?
No? Well neither have I but it's a well known fact that everything does, in fact, taste exponentially better when bacon is factored into the mix.
Example 1:
Bacon wrapped asparagus.

So good. I made it for dinner last night along with a variation on jerk chicken and basmati rice.
The bacon fat that is rendered into the pan really gives the asparagus a nice flavour.
Last summer we made bacon wrapped corn on the BBQ.
Literally everything tastes better wrapped in bacon.
Also last night we dined al fesco on the balcony.
Our cozy dinner nook:
And dining outside reminded me of a long-standing item on my to-do list:

Sneak into this pool across the street from me.

It's been one year today since MJ and (sadly overshadowed by MJ's death) Farrah Fawcett passed away.
It does NOT feel like a year has gone by!
Guess it's a reminder to stop and smell the roses and not to wish away the day, something I find I do all too often.

Back tomorrow with a concert pic and more Jamaican recipes!

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